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Dr. Jennifer Leheska educates, inspires and motivates clients to achieve optimal health through eating delicious, nutrient rich foods. She provides solution-based nutrition counseling for individuals and organizations through her private practice and serves as a nutrition authority and spokesperson for various organizations and companies to communicate expert food and nutrition information.


Dr. Leheska’s extensive research background as a meat scientist and registered dietitian provides her a unique ability to compile and integrate the science into real life nutrition solutions. Her philosophies are based on sound-science in which she helps clients, from athletes to busy business professionals, meet their individual goals and nutrient needs.

Moreover, Dr. Leheska recognizes all foods fit into a healthy diet and thinks everything you eat should be delicious. Her clients are successful because she educates and equips them to make the best dietary choices in every life situation, providing them the capability to maintain their health for a lifetime.

What sets Dr. Leheska apart from other Registered Dietitians?​


  • Extensive research experience at the national level.

  • Spokesperson for variety of companies and industry organizations.

  • Utilizes the U.S. consumption data to enhance research techniques.

  • Established nutrient profiles for the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.



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Subject to terms of individual insurance policy. If services are not covered, client is responsible for payment.


I work shift work and it's very difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. Jennifer's use of technology makes it easier to connect and I can journal my progress with minimal effort. I'm losing weight and feeling better, because she has tools that work with my schedule.

Daniel Ray , Client

Dr. Jenn RDN was able to provide my team some tangible tools to improve focus, energy and ultimately their lifestyle. As a business owner, this helps me with healthcare costs and productivity. We recommend Dr. Leheska's Corporate Wellness to organizations of all sizes.

Kinetic Strategies, LLC

Jennifer is not only incredibly knowlegeable, she is "real". It's not too difficult to be healthy with her support and encouragement and she can help you change your life.

Corinne., Client



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