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Surviving a Kitchen Remodel with Your Healthy Eating Plan Intact

Dr. Jenn’s family is in the middle of a kitchen remodel and reduced to a grill, a toaster, a refrigerator and a microwave.

Preparing for a lot of family to visit, Dr. Jenn purchased pork loins that were on sale for by one get one free at United. Using supermarket ad sales is a great tool for planning to eat nutritiously if you have access to everything in the kitchen or you don't.

Dr. Jenn certainly hopes the remodel is finished in time for the start of school, but grilling will be a family go-to this summer.

Using her tip to have the butcher cut the pork loin, will help make sure you have enough protein for a big group or two family meals. Here's a go-to recipe for grilled pork chops perfect for this holiday.

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