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An Offensive Approach to Staying Healthy for the Holidays

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR) — Take an offensive approach to staying healthy for the holidays.

Three things to help you be on the offensive and stay healthy into the holiday season and beyond:

  • Menu Planning

  • Theme Night

  • Food Rituals

Make a Plan for the week and stick to it. It will be a relief to know you have healthy food ready to go when you need it and will help save money and reduce food waste. Click here for free printable pages to help you get organized.

Develop theme nights for your household so you can easily plan and make the routine more interesting. For instance, cook extra meat on the weekend that turns into stir-fry on “Toss-It-Up-Tuesday” or have some good leftover breakfast for the end of the week by having “Breakfast for Supper on Wacky Wednesday.”

Eating the same thing day after day is okay so long as you have a balanced and complete dietary ritual that assures you are getting all of your nutrients.

Keep a regular grocery shopping list on your phone or on a piece of paper so that even when you don’t have time to make a real plan you will have all of the favorite proteins, starches, veggies, fruits and dairy to make a variety of family favorite meals. Click here for free printable pages to help you get organized.

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