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Back-to-School Breakfast Burritos

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Summer break has ended much too soon and now it is time to be prepared to have a healthy quick breakfast that kids can serve themselves before school! If this sounds like an impossible task then this Back-to-School Breakfast Burritos recipe is an easy place to start.

These two cuties are a couple years older now (than in these pictures), but they still enjoy this breakfast which they now prepare for themselves. That is why we don't get these cute pictures anymore!

These breakfast burritos are simple to reheat in the morning and are great foundation to a balanced and healthy breakfast for you and your kiddos. They freeze well and easy to reheat. So save the daily mess and be ready for breakfast by making a large batch and freezing.

DISCLAIMER: I have burned my kids out on at least once over the years by serving them too frequently. So, I recommend only serving these one to two times a week tops in order to keep it interesting! Otherwise, you may be left with a stockpile of perfectly great burritos in your freezer that no one can stand to think about eating again! Trust me it happened to me and it took several months or maybe a year before they were interested in trying them again!

Preparing your ingredients:

First, brown your meat in a non-stick skillet over medium heat and cook thoroughly until it is done. When the meat is finished rinse and drain it in a colander to reduce the total fat and calories in your burritos.

Next, scramble your eggs and egg whites over medium-low heat in a non-stick skillet. Stir them often to get fluffy eggs. Allow to set aside.

After your sausage and eggs are cooked allow them to come to room temperature while you do some dishes and set up your burrito assembly line. If the eggs and sausage are hot when you roll up your burritos they will get soggy and not be as desirable when reheated.

Set up Assembly Line:

Lay out individual foil sheets to match the number of tortillas you plan to prepare. Then, add a quick shot of non-stick spray to the foil and smear around with a paper towel. The first time I made these I had some issues with the reheated burritos sticking to the foil so I started to spray the sheets every time.

Next, place one tortilla in the center of each foil and begin to distribute the scrambled eggs and sausage in a line in the center of the tortilla. Finally, sprinkle with some shredded cheese and begin to roll up you burriottos.

Click through the pictures below to see the progression of this process.

Storing and Reheating:

Once all of your burritos are assembled place foil wrapped burritos in a labeled gallon sized zip top bag to keep together in the freezer. Place them in the freezer.

You may reheat from frozen or thawed. The only difference is the time it takes to reheat. It is ideal to set out your burritos the evening before you want to eat them to shorten the time it will take to reheat.

I prefer to reheat these in a conventional oven in the foil to get the best results. It is super easy, just place these bad boys in the oven as soon as you get up or at least 30 - 45 minutes before you want to eat them. I just put them in, turn on the oven and walk away. Leaving them in while the oven preheats simply allows them to get hot faster!

We have found that reheating in the microwave creates a more soggy final product which my kiddos really do not care for. However, you can definitely use the microwave, and we do when we are in a pinch. Like when you forget to put them in the oven when you get up! If you use the microwave PLEASE be sure to remove the foil first and wrap them in a paper towel.

Place your foil wrapped burritos (frozen or thawed) right onto the rack of your oven.

If you have a toaster oven that would be a great option to use. I find that it takes less total time to reheat them in our toaster oven for the obvious reason that the oven is much smaller which means it heats up quicker and saves energy. Win, Win!!

Toaster Oven is set to reheat.
Preheat your oven to 400° F and then cook your burritos 20 - 40 minutes until reheated to an internal temperature of 165° F.

This meal is easily rounded out with the addition of veggies from the vegetable tray that is always stocked and ready to go in the fridge and some fruit.

Balance Breakfast Burrito
Simply add some fresh fruits and veggies to a reheated breakfast burrito for a quick and easy breakfast to fuel your kids and yourself for the day.

Back-To-School Breakfast Burritos

1/2 lb Ground Pork or Sausage

8 Whole Eggs

1 cup Egg Whites or 3 more eggs

1 cup shredded cheese

8 Whole Wheat tortillas

8 foil wraps

  1. Place sausage in a skillet over med-high heat until done. Break up into small pieces and brown until cooked through and no pink remains.

  2. Rinse and drain the cooked sausage in a strainer and set aside.

  3. Add the eggs and egg whites to a mixing bowl and mix with a whisk until consistency is even.

  4. Heat a non-stick skillet to medium heat and place eggs into the skillet. Use a spatula to gently stir the eggs.

  5. Lay out 8 foil sheets and spray with a light non-stick spray

  6. Lay a tortilla on top of each oiled foil

  7. Divide the scrambled eggs, sausage and cheese evenly on top of the tortillas.

  8. Fold over quarter of the tortilla over the topping and then fold in the ends and roll over. Tuck in each side of the foil wrap then fold it over and roll up.

  9. Store wrapped tortillas together in a labeled zip top bag in the freezer.

  10. For best results reheat in oven at 400° F for about 35 minutes from frozen and about 20 minutes from thawed, until they reach an internal temperature of 165° F. To reheat using the microwave - remove foil and wrap in a paper towel. Defrost for 90 seconds and then heat on high for about 45 seconds or until they reach an internal temperature of 165° F.

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